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look to the earth - look to the skies !

Have you ever been inside a lighthouse?

It's a draughty sort of place, with a constant whistle of the wind 

and a squeak of a swinging light.


Well, this is your chance to virtually explore a lighthouse- 

now you can't say that everyday!

And this lighthouse is different.

It's a place of scientific discovery,

a place which shines a light on women who research the earth and skies.

Meet Mary Anning and Williamina Fleming, 

who looked to the earth and looked to the sky,

bravely delving into the scientific unknown...

You'll learn about all sorts of things: from human computers

to the deepest point on earth, to dino poo!

Make sure your sound is on, and even better if you're wearing headphones.

Please note the 360 lighthouse tour and certain sound elements only work on a computer (not suitable for phone or tablet).

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